HEC Paris first class intake - a matriculation ceremony in top hats

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HEC Paris history: HEC Paris first class intake - a matriculation ceremony in top hats

When it was created in 1881, HEC Paris (‘École des Hautes Études Commerciales’) had to deal with a certain amount of public skepticism. Only a few supporters of economic ‘liberalism’ and a handful of firm believers in progress through education were really convinced. At the time, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry ignores this skepticism as a consequence of the current sociological and psychological conservativm. Business circles were indeed regarded with contempt -merchants and retailers are even perceived as thieves. On other hand, the public service which attracted many young people confers a far more honorable social and professional status. This situation which was lamented by a member of the progressive Public Instruction High Authority in the following way: "Parents want their children to become civil servants, while so many opportunities are open to their ingenuity and intelligence." Today, such a dispute would not occur. A diploma from HEC Paris can open the door to both a career in the private and the public sector.

The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which founded HEC Paris, works closely with the key players in the regional economy, helping companies develop their economic growth, train their staff to meet the challenges of tomorrow, encourage business projects and promote the Paris region to increase its economic influence.