• Who is HEC Paris?

    HEC Paris: Ranked #1 Business School in Europe by the Financial Times.

    HEC Paris is recognized as a world leader in the field of education and was one of the first business schools to receive the prestigious AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditations.

    Founded in 1881, HEC Paris specializes in education and research in management sciences and has developed a unique and complete portfolio of education programs for global executives and leaders. We have a permanent faculty of 115 professors and train over 8,500 managers in our executive education programs every year.

    The rankings attest to the excellence and quality of our programs:

    • HEC Paris ranked #1 worldwide for Executive Education by the Financial Times in 2014.
    • HEC Paris ranked #1 in Europe by the Financial Times in 2013.

    HEC Paris has been developing the skills and knowledge of high potential managers and business leaders for over 130 years. The importance that we give to research has enabled us to make a significant contribution to the production and diffusion of innovation in management sciences. We also train professors and researchers who practice their profession in the very best academic institutions worldwide.

    Over the years, HEC Paris has established important strategic partnerships with major multinationals that finance Chairs, become members of the HEC Foundation and participate in the development of specific Executive Education programs. Microsoft, Toshiba, Thales, Bain & Company, L’Oréal, Bertelsmann, Total, Procter & Gamble, the Coca-Cola Company, Carrefour and Air France are just some of our corporate partners. HEC Paris has also set up centers of expertise, such as the Eurasia Center, the Global Transport Institute, the HEC Europe Institute and the HEC Start-up Institute.

    For more information about HEC Paris, please click here.


    When will the next ZJU-HEC EMBA Class start and when should I apply?

    The first module of the ZJU-HEC EMBA begins in September each year.

    The deadline for submitting application documents is the first week of September each year.


    What are the minimum admission requirements for ZJU-HEC EMBA in China Program? Is there an entrance examination?

    The program is aimed at executives and managers who meet the following criteria:

    • Bachelor degree minimum (no restrictions in terms of subject).
    • A minimum of 8 years professional experience and 5 years in a managerial position.
    • The program is run in English with simultaneous translation into Mandarin, so a working knowledge of English is strongly recommended in order to fully benefit from the program.
    • Approval of your employer.
    • Two recommendations by a senior manager or an expert in a related field.

    As part of the Admissions process to the ZJU-HEC EMBA in China program, you will have to defend your application before a selection committee. There are 3 steps:

    • Preparation of the HEC Paris General Management Test (60 minutes)
    • An oral presentation followed by a question and answer session (25 minutes)
    • A motivation interview (25 minutes)
  • What are the main steps in the admission process?

    1. Preliminary Information Interview

    • Interview with a program advisor
    • Feedback on your suitability for the EMBA program

    2. Online Application Form

    • Personal essays + CV
    • Your company's organization chart
    • Two letters of reference
    • University diplomas

    3.  Final Selection Process

    • Interview with an HEC EMBA Selection Committee
    • HEC Paris General Management Test (or GMAT)
    • Final review and decision by the Admissions Jury
  • Who should provide me with the two recommendation letters?
    •  A senior manager in your company, such as the Managing Director or Human Resources Director.
    • An expert or official in a related field (clearly stating your professional relationship).
  • How much does the program cost and what do the tuition fees include?
    • Current tuition fees are 580,000 RMB - this includes teaching fees, academic material and certification charges. Application fees, travel and accommodation costs during the program in China, and travel costs during the Majors are not included.
    • Early bird discounts and some scholarships may be available. For further information please contact your program advisor.
    • Administration costs of 1,200 RMB will be charged before the Selection Committee takes place.
  • What are the aims of the ZJU-HEC Executive MBA in China program? Is it the same as the program run in Paris?

    The aim of the program is to develop the knowledge and leadership skills of executives, both Chinese and non-Chinese, in order to stimulate economic development and to facilitate China’s integration into the world economy.

    The content of the program is exactly the same as those run in Paris and Doha. The ZJU-HEC Executive MBA in China program is run by internationally renowned members of the HEC Paris faculty. The modules focus on themes that are particularly relevant to executives in China seeking to meet the challenges of the complex global business environment.

  • How many modules are there and what is the duration of the program? Is it a full-time or a part-time degree program?

    In total there are 12 modules and one Major. It is a part-time degree program with one 4-day or 6-day module per month (Thursday to Sunday or Tuesday to Monday) over a period of 16 months.

  • Is there a test after each module? How is the ZJU-HEC Executive MBA in China graded?

    Not every module will be followed by a test. Participants may be required to submit papers or other assignments to assess their acquisition of knowledge. Participants who fail the written test will be able to take it again but a second failure means they will not obtain their Executive MBA degree.

  • Can I cancel my application or change courses because of time constraints?

    Written cancellations, requests for delayed entrance or deferrals must be submitted four weeks before the program begins. Each request will be treated on an individual basis.

  • What reference materials are used during the program?

    As well as the prescribed reference books, participants are provided with course materials in both English and Chinese for each module.

  • Are all the members of faculty in China Programs from HEC Paris?

    Yes, the professors who run the ZJU-HEC EMBA program in China are all members of the HEC Paris faculty. The curriculum is the same as the other HEC Paris programs that are delivered in Doha and Paris.

    Some of the modules are taught by faculty members of our partner Business School - Zhejiang University.

  • Which criteria are used to decide if a participant obtains an EMBA degree?

    To successfully complete the program, candidates are required to have satisfactory attendance, active class participation and to submit a written assignment for evaluation.

  • What differentiates the ZJU-HEC Executive MBA in China from other EMBA programs in China?

    The program is structured around strategy and leadership and addresses key issues such as general management, marketing, corporate finance and human resources. It has been specifically designed to develop the technical expertise and leadership skills of senior managers and enable them to play a significant role in the major business reforms that are taking place in China.

    Our EMBA program in China is different from other programs in many ways:

    • Our partnership with the SASAC and the NDRC provides the program with very high-level support
    • The program is run in English with simultaneous translation into Mandarin
    • The part-time modular structure enables participants to follow the program without having to compromise their current professional activities
    • It allows executives to follow an exceptional international program in China
    • You obtain a degree from both universities
    • It gives participants access to the powerful alumni networks of both HEC Paris and Zhejiang University
  • Is the ZJU-HEC Executive MBA in China a degree program?

    Yes, participants who successfully complete the program obtain an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree from HEC Paris, which is recognized by the French Ministry of Education. They can also obtain EMBA degree from Zhejiang University.

  • What is Triple Accreditation? Does HEC Paris have triple accreditation?

    Triple Accreditation means that a business school has been accredited by the three largest business school accreditation associations:

    • AACSB - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
    • AMBA - The Association of MBAs
    • EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

    They serve as a global benchmark of quality and are a guarantee of academic coherence and excellence.

    As of November April 2012 only 58 business schools worldwide had triple accreditation and HEC Paris is one of them.